The Romanian Arbitration Journal is the only publication dedicated to domestic and international arbitration in Romania with a 10-year tradition and a quarterly appearance.

The Romanian Arbitration Journal contains articles in Romanian and English, covering the following areas: domestic arbitration, international arbitration (commercial and investment), auxiliary arbitration jurisdiction, case law of Romanian and foreign courts in actions for annulment and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. At the same time, issues of private international law, public international law, as well as substantive or procedural law, are dealt with for areas that have found a judicious interpretation worth to be presented in front of arbitral tribunals in relation to national courts. International arbitration novelty aspects will be reviewed, book reviews and international arbitration journals will be presented as well as the achievements of Romanian teams in international simulated process competitions.

The Romanian Arbitration Journal headings addresses all participants: attorneys-at-law, legal advisors, arbitrators, professors, experts, tax consultants, young researchers from Romania and from all over the world.